App Development Course

Do you dream of a career as an app developer?

For the best app development course in Australia, the National Academy of Technology is your smart choice.

Imagine your dream job. Imagine creating, building and developing cool new apps to add fun, knowledge and convenience to millions of people’s lives. At the National Academy of Technology, we help make your app development dreams a reality.

Application Development

You benefit from:

  • Flexible study options
  • Practical app development education
  • Professional tutors
  • A supportive community of staff and students
  • Plus access to the latest tech tools to hone your skills

Don’t have prior tech experience?

Don’t worry.

The motivation to be part of this fast-paced industry is your starting point to potential success. Our support and delivery of focused industry-friendly training is your next step to an exciting new career.

The National Academy of Technology app development course takes you from beginning to end – delivering the knowledge and guidance you need to put new opportunities at your fingertips.

You’ll learn how to develop your app, plus gain practical insights to help you realise genuine employment options and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

You’ll discover:

  • The latest technical knowledge
  • The benefits of being part of a supportive learning community
  • Up-to-date tech tools for you to experience and enjoy
  • Your potential to be the next app development success story
  • The practical advice to help you create, build and sell your app

You learn at your own pace.The blended delivery of course information, combining the convenience of online learning with intensive face-to-face training workshops, makes your study flexible and convenient.To complete your studies successfully, you must attend a total of 6 training workshops, throughout the duration of your course. Each workshop runs for around 6 hours and are offered at set times, for you to include in your course schedule of study, with flexibility to plan ahead and book yourself into a workshop at a time that is convenient to you. These workshops will involve active group discussion, visual presentations, as well as brainstorming.

Webinars, tutorials, helpful Q&A resources and the support of our professional industry trainers assist your study success.

Or… be part of our collaborative trainer/student community experience when you visit – and study in – our purpose-built technology centre.

As part of the course, we provide access to the latest tech gadgets and tools, to add another exciting dimension to your app development study experience.

At the National Academy of Technology, our comprehensive app development education covers a wealth of information to support your career change and help you build an exciting new future.

Application Development
Application Development
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