Mazewars to Warcraft: A 5 Minute History of Network Gaming

The meteoric rise of esport is “so 2016”, a recent phenomenon only clocking over 20 years of history. It’s hard to imagine life without the ability to effortlessly live stream, chat and play our favourite computer games versing friends and foes around the world. Heck, what was even life without the Internet? With some of… read more

How to Watch DOTA 2: The Easiest Guide for a Total Beginner

You’re going to pop your DOTA 2 tournament viewing cherry, congratulations! Like any first times, a DOTA 2 match for a beginner can be an awkward and confusing experience, but we’re going to guide you along your journey. We promise it won’t hurt. We’ve laid out the silk sheets and wrote a super easy beginner’s… read more

The Pain Point of Ping: 3 eSport games to play with slow Internet

High ping is a real pain for Australian gamers, especially when you get into upper or even intermediate echelons of competition. With Australia’s 60th world ranking in peak average broadband speeds and a Frankenstein NBN rollout contributing to our problem of ping, we thought we may as well ‘bunker in’ and look at the best… read more

In the beginning, there was StarCraft: a quick eSport history in 5 minutes

Image credit: ‘Starcraft Ecology’, Jeff Warren,, Creative Commons 2.0 Aussie Rules Football will celebrate a venerable 159 years of game play this year. Old in age and rich in history, it’s the game that stops the nation (or at least the traffic in Melbourne) the last Saturday of every September. Esport, on the other… read more

eSport & Oz – an introduction into the insane world of professional gaming

Image credit: Jakob Wells,, Creative Commons 2.0 “Is it like, where you can buy sports gear online?” eSport, most of us Australians have never even heard of the word. Yet, esport is a global industry worth an insane $613 million, with 134 million who participate and watch the sport worldwide. Huge in South Korea… read more

Considering the Future Value of Print: Will ‘Tradition’ Still Have a Place? (Part 1)

Image Credit: Naldz Graphics, n.d. 1 In a world that’s rapidly shifting into non-physical spaces, the term ‘success’ often corresponds with a brand or company’s promotion of their innovation, and willingness to stand out from the pack. The production of various technological and digital platforms is a key driving force behind the need for innovation…. read more

Mico and His Dota 2 Adventures – Episode 1 into the Abyss:

Prologue: 3629 Hours and many more. Numerous Godlike Sprees, One mission. One purpose. Mikomoto’s Adventure to 5k MMR. Dota 2 2 Sides, 2 teams battle it out for one purpose. To destroy the enemys throne. Easy right… Wrong! This complex game comprises teamwork, strategy and roles. To some it means nothing and to others… read more

To 4K Or Not To 4K

A brief side note: this blog will be based from a film productions perspective, not a consumers. The term 4K seems to be a hot topic as of late, but what does it actually mean? 4K refers to the  ~4,000 horizontal pixels in your displays overall resolution. The higher the amount of horizontal pixels in… read more

Retouching Basics – Spot Healing Tool

One of the most common retouching techniques for any kind of fashion and beauty imagery is spot retouching to remove small blemishes and hairs – most commonly using either of the spot retouching tools or the clone stamp… in this post I’ll be covering the very basics of using the spot healing tool and how… read more

Demo Reel Domination!

For a 3D Artist your DEMO REEL is the most critical promotion of your skill set and best chance of landing that all important paying work. It is also an opportunity to promote yourself for the kind of work you really want to do…your dream job. If you want to be a character modeller, make… read more

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